Have you seen this bloke?

Howdy friends and neighbors! Nice to meet you! My name is Tracy Latham (pronounced " LAY-thumb")  More than likely, you are here because you saw me drawing CARICATURES or playing my old 5-string BANJO

I was born and about half raised in North West Tennessee on a small farm. There wasn't much to do back in the sticks, except feed the hogs, fish in the creek, walk in the woods, hoe the weeds, bring in firewood, draw funny pictures and play music. It was those last two things on the list that I was determined to do for a living someday. Here I am doing it, and I hope you have enjoyed it in some way.

If you would like to find out how to book me to come entertain quests at your event, send an email to tracylatham@yahoo.com, call, or text 615-430-1879

If you are into social media, look me up on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Want to show your appreciation for the Arts and the artist? CLICK one of the links below to send a gratuity - Never expected but ALWAYS appreciated! 

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